Forbes said I should put a snapshot of myself on this website to give potential business suitors a little glimpse of my interests, hobbies and accomplishments. This is good, eh? Here goes - I was in the music business for 11 years in Seattle during the Grunge era. I’m a voting member of the Grammy’s. I’ve also dropped a Grammy on the floor. I know a guy name Oscar who is the fastest man in the world with no legs, I’ve also dropped an Oscar on the floor. I don't know anyone named Emmy, but I've dropped an Emmy on the floor.

I've met a King and a Queen - I'm also the arm model for the only known painting of Queen Maud of Norway. I love art. I’ve purchased it, auctioned it, sold it and broken it. I worked for the Elvis Presley fan club, I’ve kissed a dolphin, hugged a giraffe and a buffalo laid on my sports car in the 90s.

I love roller coasters and I’m afraid of heights. I like the theatre, I love good food and I'm a great cook. I owned a proper cocktail bar in Oslo. I’m not

as clumsy as it appears and I'm kind of shy. People tell me I should do stand-up comedy, but I don't think that's funny. I don't think I can be funny on command. I'm secretly a fan of Twinkies, Carly Simon and old Hollywood. Having lived and worked in three countries, I've been told I'm a little bit cultured and a little bit rock 'n roll. For the adult unabridged version of these happenings and more, you'll have to contact me personally.

Did I mention I've raised $25 million for charity?

Kelly J. Strantz


On the more serious side of life and equally as fun and entertaining, I have 15 years of extensive experience managing people’s lives and careers. From run of show to run of house I’ve simultaneously managed the schedules of celebrities, politicians, diplomats, notables, trustees, staff, volunteers, children and adults who sometimes act like children.

I’ve facilitated domestic and international travel, provided personal and business accounting with payroll and expense reconciliation, provided top notch administrative and operational support, managed staff - both professional and domestic, managed home, estate and commercial property, driven construction and remodeling projects, negotiated with vendors, procured entertainment, arranged parties and events from 15 to 15,000, provided childcare, wardrobe management, animal care, cooking, transportation and liaised with the principal's clientele and executive colleagues.

I shop for socks too.


During the music business years I happened across the world of philanthropy. The flipside of life challenged me to start intimate conversations about causes and efforts that were important and

close to my heart.

For the next twelve seasons I worked independently and with charitable organizations at every level. Developing strategic fundraising plans, creating new small business ventures and creatively working on ways for people to give without going out of their way, was just part of the journey.  

Concurrently, I led major donor gift solicitations, procured individual and corporate sponsorship and produced formal high profile and community based events while building lifelong relationships with all involved and raising more than $25 million for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, HIV/AIDS, Health and Well-being, Animal Welfare and Visual and Performing Arts.  



  The Big Apple, USA

              Manager     Fundraiser     Multi-Tasker     Human     Funny like popcorn popping...