From an early age I’ve been turning my interests and passions into situations, businesses and services for others while supporting and altering my personal lifestyle. This isn’t for the sole purpose of making profit, but creating a life of freedom and opportunity. 

   I've lived a bit of a 'Benjamin Button' life. Work hard when you're young so you can enjoy life in your 40s, 50s and beyond. Success comes easy when you shun the bait of over-achieving. Busy over-achievers are like binge eaters. They aren't enjoying the taste of food or tasting the colours of life long-term if they aren't enjoying its gifts and curses along the way. Design the life you want; the world should be your playground not your prison. Sometimes you need to play all the parts.

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   Yes, experience is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement, observation or exposure. But while some search for answers through travels, walkabouts, group activity, the bible, or therapy to help them better understand the meaning of life, I talk to people. For me, experiences may be the single most important commodity in life. The encounters you have with people, by chance or by choice.

   I’ve spent a lifetime venturing into situations and positions sometimes with wild abandonment, catching and juggling wild fastballs along the way. Sometimes slow-moving opportunities which have taken years to manifest to have experiences with interesting people, or at least that’s the goal. It’s simple. To know people, you must be with the people…all the people.  

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Kelly J. Strantz


  Some give because they want to, some give because they can. Whether you are fostering or revitalizing relationships with board members, building trust with donors and patrons or working directly with corporate funders or foundations procuring major gifts, your work is important.

   Not everyone can make the ask and close the deal. But offering guidance to your community of supporters through commitments to short and long-term giving appeals or giving your time, donating money or offering your services and expertise, is key to the process as well.

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Unfuck Your Life

underestimate me, that'll be fun.



Lifestyle Entrepreneur   ~   Philanthropist   ~   truthsayer    ~   Observer   ~   Human

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   Forbes believes people should put a snapshot of themselves on the internet to give potential suitors a little glimpse of one’s interests, hobbies and accomplishments. Some people think it’s weird if you don’t. I think it’s weird if you do. Here's to being weird and flying in under the radar.

   I was in the music business for 11 years. I’m a voting member of the Grammys. I’ve also dropped a Grammy on the floor. I know a guy name Oscar who is the fastest man in the world with no legs, I’ve also dropped an Oscar on the floor. I don’t know anyone named Emmy, but I dated an Emmy winner and dropped several Emmys on the floor.  

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   It's come up a few hundred times that I should chronicle the happenings in my life. Whether it be the crazy days of the music business or the more serious happenings of getting stampeded by a herd of buffalo, drinking with a King and Queen or the coupling of peanut butter and Christian Louboutin heels or just simplifying complexities, including ridding your life of those holding you back and making your life uncomfortable.

   Some of the happenings more personal than others, so over the top and crazy, but true, but while I have a million tales to tell and often do share, one thing is for sure, it’s birthed the beginning of four books. 

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